February 19th 2020 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Zscaler and Truststream


Your business needs to protect its information assets 24/7 but you may not know how to do this or have the specialist skills and systems required. Truststream helps to meet your needs with our expert cyber security professional services and managed security services. We work with all sizes of public and private sector businesses throughout the UK to optimise their cyber defences. Whether your requirements are driven by compliance, business transformation or cloud computing, Truststream can help.

Truststream is a fully-accredited partner of Zscaler with many local and central government customers. We assist all types of enterprises to improve their threat protection so that their risk of financial and reputational loss is greatly reduced.



The notion of concentrating your security resources on protecting the network is no longer relevant. You need to protect your users and your apps no matter how they choose to access your systems. The Zscaler platform delivers a new approach to application access and security.

Zscaler Internet Access provides secure access to the open Internet and SaaS apps, no matter where users connect. It provides inline inspection of all traffic to ensure that nothing bad comes in and nothing good leaves.

Zscaler Private Access delivers a completely new way to provide access to internal applications without a VPN, whether they reside in the Data Centre or cloud. It enables secure application access without network access — and without exposing apps to the Internet.